Shipwreck Tin Range

 Our Shipwreck tin was smelted in Cornwall and Devon, circa 1883 - 1885.

It was salvaged from the wreck of the Liverpool-registered steam ship SS Cheerful which sank whilst en-route from London to Liverpool loaded with a cargo of refined tin.

The remains of the SS Cheerful now lie on the sea bottom in excess of thirty five fathoms depth. Her location is off the Bann Shoal, some eighteen miles NNW of St.Ives. Salvage, in this normally continuously rough location, was finally effected in May 1994.

The salvage haul of ingots has been stockpiled in an effort to preserve these important relics of Comish industrial archaeology.

There is something a bit special about receiving a gift of Cheerful tin!

Below are a sneak preview of items from our new range.